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markov100 28th Oct 2017

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Hello and good day , i just want to ask what IP should i put if i am using godaddy for custom domain using your website?

what to put on @ and www in godaddy?  and what will i put in the DNS manager in iclanwebsite? i post in the communities last week and it was deleted? so i think you are just going to entertain the premium users?  my point is i was going to try first the website before buying it. and was sad to know that they didn't reply to my post and it was deleted.  

just let me know if this website or commnunity forums are for premium users only.
SeeGreatness 3rd Jun

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ok so you have a custom domain lets say it is seegreatness.ca (thats mine tho )
go to admin panel click dns manager 
if you see the following (aside from my custom fields)

then idk
but if you see

then you simply take the following and put them in your name servers on your domain page 
  • ns1.clanwebsites.com
  • ns2.clanwebsites.com
  • ns3.clanwebsites.com
  • ns4.clanwebsites.com
if you bought your domain from a registrar (godaddy) then you will need to login their and go to the client area, I will log into my registrar
(https://clients.whc.ca/cl ... ientarea.php)

then if it is similar to what i have click on domains and as you can see i have one service (my mail server) and one domain (seegreatness.ca)

right away we can see that we have name servers right in our face... pretty good tight? but we also have private name servers on the left menu and we do not want that 

simply enter the name servers you were provided (they are the same as mine) and click save,accept,change nameservers and you are almost done go back to the same tab as your admin panel and click continue
and so if you have a server for a game or whatever you can go to your iclan admin dns manager and look where i have pc and pe and play

those correspond to 
and since i have both a java and pocket edition server for minecraft
to do this first you need to select A under type like i have then under name put something someone types in before the dot .seegreatness.ca then under value put your game server ip address and keep the ttl (time to live) as is it really means nothing and the default (3600)  works fine 
 for example if you want your minecraft server ip to be "play.seegreatness.ca" then you put "A" as the type and "play" as the name then under value you put your ip address for your game server 

if you need any help you can ask me!

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SeeGreatness 3rd Jun

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for the images you need to right click and click open in new tab 
my bbcode is acting up for some reason

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