ISP informed me that I was being blocked
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RainMaker_02 26th Jan 2016

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Ok I have ran a trace route from your router and its timing out after hop 11 IP address of which belongs to Staminus Communications. That is the webhost for So your request is leaving our network and timing out on on their network. You will have to contact them and advise them they are blocking your access. You will just need to let them know that its timing out on their network after Hop 11 and provide them the IP address of

This is the information I was passed from my ISP. I created a ticket for this issue as well. Just trying to get back on the website. I am able to access the site from my phone when not connected to my WiFi and from other houses.

ArnulfoAdmin 27th Jan 2016

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I have replied to your ticket already.

Kindly reply on it if possible.

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

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