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L.S.R 11th Mar 2015

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Seems that people are joining the site that i created but not going through the Recruitment form and being classed as pending (Rank), no forum access until i have activated but i am not receiving applied form posted on forum for approval.

also when i looked at the player's profile it stated that person had created a site and i am automaticaly registered to that site and can see and post in their forums which i do not wish to do and have never applied for their site. Not sure if this is a new thing from update but it is a pain as The WOT clans need our privacy from other clans.

2 members. (i bumped rank too Recruite to allow pm sending)

Recruite xTANK Rambo113x

firefighter2714 Pending

Site that i have been registered to and have access to without applying or wanting to.

Beans 1709 11th Mar 2015

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you can have your forums set to only show the categories that you want to the specific ranks. I.e i have a public board and then i have private boards that only my recruits and members can see.

as for the joining the other community, not sure there, will have the dev's look into this.

L.S.R 12th Mar 2015

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Hey Beans

Yeah not too sure what happened with the two members.

http://thearmoredrebellion.cla ... .com/profile/2364272  did go through the recruite form and has been rejected due to game stats but his profile read Member of metal storm from the start.

http://thearmoredrebellion.cla ... .com/profile/2364272 did not go through the recruitment thread and was noted as pending and a member of SOH.

It seems he had created a site and had probably joined My site by inadvertance. i did bump him to recruite so he could send pm's as i was curious and since "his profile"  became a member of AR (our clan).

Hope the info helps, apart from that all is well , ranks and permisions work for pending and approved members, was mostly discerning to see that people were pending without going through the recruitment form and also belonged to other clans 'or' who had visited other sites and inadvertadly joined therefore changing their clan appartance.

thanks. roberts.
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