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psychoprincezz 15th Oct 2013

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I run a clan for call of duty games called Undead~ELiTE. anyways there is a few members that cant read english. They get by speaking it, but cant read it so there really un clear as to where to register. Is There a way to put up a language translation link on main page.? And I am a premium plus member and cant figure out how to make multiple pages. Ie you tube videos and trying to add a more videos button in screen that opens another page of just videos? And is there a way to create multiple polls for site i figured out how to do the one but as a clan with leadership i like the officers to believe there is decisions to be made
JamesAdmin 16th Oct 2013

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Add the Google Translate widget to a custom HTML panel. ... com/manager/website/

You can translate your entire site into any language you wish, Admin Panel > Settings > Website Translation, but I don't think this would solve your problem because every member would read in a different language, unless you all understand the different language.
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