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DgC NewbyCake 6th Feb 2015

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When people sign up on site, it gives me a approve or deny button, then I click approve. They get an email saying they have been approved, but when they get inside they are told they are waiting on approval.
Evie 7th Feb 2015

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Hi there,

Thank you for reporting this problem to us. After doing some further investigations, I have determined this is a confirmed bug in our system.

We take bug reports very seriously, we aim to fix all bugs within 7 days. However, sometimes they are fixed much sooner or later depending on the nature and complexity of the problem.

We understand the frustration bugs & glitches cause to our users. While we pay every possible attention to detail, unfortunately they occasionally slip through as in this case. For this reason if you spot anything else, it is very important you continue to send in reports for further investigation.

Thank you once again and thank you for your patience in getting this resolved.
Smitty Jagerman 7th Feb 2015

Joined: 3rd Jan 2015
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Having this issue too, right now, as I type this. Just launched my site, had no other issues with this accepting all my previous members I let in early to test forums... now, upon launch we've got dozens of members awaiting this bug to pass and let them in.

Little embarrassing for me and my team :-/

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Str8UpJack 8th Feb 2015

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Yup.. been going on for over a week or more with our group..

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JamesAdmin 8th Feb 2015

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Hey guys, bug fixes will be released very soon. Probably in a few days if all things go smoothly (that rarely happens!). Also got a big update coming. We've packed a lot of cool stuff into this update, I think maybe 10 or so new features and improvements
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