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{NxA} Varex 7th Jul 2015

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I'm new here and I am just starting to build my clan website. I have multiple questions on various possibilities. If anyone can help me that would be great.


I wish to either a) Include a button to link to parts of the forum. b) Make the whole photo in the slide clickable and linkable to parts of the forum. The way I have it now isn't very obvious that it is clickable.

I also don't want the slideshow to show up in every page. For example, I want it to show up on the home page, but not the login screen.


I want to add a photo with specific typeface in it since they only have system default typefaces to choose from for the headers. I can't seem to find how to change/remove "Welcome" from the Primary Title. Where can I change this?

Activity Feed

How do I get rid of this? I have found a previous post on this and I still haven't found how to remove the activity feed.


Evie 8th Jul 2015

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Hi there,

Slideshow - We haven't added the hyperlinked caption on the slideshow though, but you can go ahead and add a caption.

In order for you the slideshow to only appear on homepage, then edit your welcome page not to appear together with other panels and put your slideshow on that homepage.

Activity feed could be changed on admin panel > menu > settings > main settings > activity feed

Enjoy the site!
Dunbar1 13th Jul 2015

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 If you need any help with setup, feel free to contact me and I will help you with the layout/setup.

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Evie 19th Jul 2015

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Thanks Dunbar1!

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