My center not working correctly
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EpicDinosaurz 9th Jan 2014

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Hello there,

Since I have my menu bar full, the My Center button appears to the side clear. When I attempted to click it, it started to glitch (Sorry for bad explanation of what happened, its hard to explain without video). When it glitched, it acted as if the button was not there and would sorta shake up and down a bit.. As if the website were having a seizure or some weird spasm.

Screenshots of what my center looks like. -->

Now in the screenshot, it only shows you what the button looks like. When you actually try to click it is when the bug happens.

I will come back here with any further issues I discover.

* EDIT * I noticed it actually only occurs when your mouse is not over the main menu bar. Otherwise it is ok.

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JamesAdmin 11th Jan 2014

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This happens because you have too many items in your menu. Consider removing a few links, or placing those links in a drop down menu.
JamesAdmin 12th Jan 2014

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Thanks for the feedback. It has been noted.
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