My webstie doesn't work anymore
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rpolom 30th Mar 2014

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My friend went on godaddy and tinkered with the nameservers and now it doesnt work anymore. It used to be and we changed it to It worked for a bit until my friend touched the settings on godaddy. Please Help. Thanks
X-Ployt 31st Mar 2014

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lol @ "webstie"

Sounds like a new word for "online friend"

Just chillin', hanging out with your websties.

Ok, I'll stop.

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Dawn 31st Mar 2014

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Hello there, your domain is now incorrectly configured. It is best to contact your domain name registrar company, because they will be able to assist you with the DNS records. You will have to set up the domain name again so that it points to the IP address of iClan Websites.
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