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Admin 12th Apr 2015

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I had a few questions:
1: Do I need premium plus to create different website panel layouts in terms of how the pannels are set on different pages?

2: Do I need premium plus to use all the themes that are available to use. The theme changers says that the themes are premium but on the upgrade menu it says that the themes are premium plus?

3: Anyone that is good with HTML/BBCode can you please send me a message as I need some help revamping some of the web pages if I cant change the website pannel layout?

4: How long does it take support to reply to any messages and tickets that you sent out?

5: Over the past few days the servers have been getting DDosed, Is this reoccuring a lot?
Evie 13th Apr 2015

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Thank you for your queries.

(1) The answer lies on the options that you have. With Premium & Premium+, you can use HTML coding to add/edit/delete panels on your website.

(2) There are more themes available for Premium and Premium+ subscribers.

(3) A friend / member knowledgeable with HTML / BB Code would be of great help.

(4) Tickets / questions on community are answered as soon as possible.

(5) There are really times when attackers are persistent. We have a DDOS protection in placed.

Enjoy the site and happy gaming!
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