Need help configuring Dot.TK domain name on here
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Instill 4th Sep 2014

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Can someone help me out so I can use a Dot.TK domain name for my clan site on here. 

I looked everywhere for a tutorial but I couldn't find one. 
Furious-F 4th Sep 2014

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QuoteMootactics, how did you get the .tk domain name?

I've got a .tk domain too and yes, it works. Simply go to your admin panel -> DNS Manager and do something like this:
Then, go to and login (it should redirect you to freenom). From there go to Domains ( and then My Domains. From there choose the domain you want and press Manage Domain. Once you do this press on Management Tools -> Nameservers ( It might ask you to put the default so press Ok and then Tick the Use custom nameservers and fill with this:

I hope that I helped you and everyone who'd like to make a domain for free from

NOTICE: Make sure that you have the domain already and forward url which is in Management Tools too.

(I posted that on other topic but you might didn't see it yet so I replied here too)

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