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fapclan 28th Jul 2014

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Hey all,

I just saw that when iclanwebsites adds new features to our sites that require admin access, all you admins you have set to gain sertain access to you website, will automaticly get permission to the new features.

So like the DNS Manager, you as a headadmin are not the only one who can edit these settings.
ALL you admins can do this!!!

@ James or Dawn,
Is it possible when you guys add new features you only give it to the account the website is registred with?
Dawn 28th Jul 2014

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I'm adding this to our list.
MCPO 2nd Aug 2014

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I agree completely.  After the last update I noticed that my ADMINS had access to domain management.  I had to go back and take that away.  Controls, access and roles should be assigned and not by default.  Other than the owner of course.  

Great idea and thanks for adding.

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