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Cakewalk 20th Mar 2015

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Yesterday all the images I had previously uploaded for news articles appeared at the bottom of the new article screen.  They are now gone.  In addition, attempts to upload an image results in nothing happening.  However, if I go to the "files" section, those images are still listed there, and if I copy the url of where you have it stored I can use "insert image" in my "excerpt" to put the image there.  This is great if I want to continue to use the same images.  But I'd like to be able to upload new ones....

Any idea what changed since yesterday?
X-Ployt 20th Mar 2015

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About 15 hours ago I was messing around with banners, changing them and what-not, and I was having issues with uploading. It wasn't something I experienced before. Refreshing the page seemed to have alleviated the issue .

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