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Hugin69 13th Dec 2014

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I recently (yesterday) created a newsletter but still it doesn't seem to be send.
Isn't the newsletter send immediately?

Feature request
a) autocreate newsletter with eg info about new clanmembers, new topics in certain forums
b) schedule auto sending of newsletters


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Hugin69 14th Dec 2014

Joined: 13th Aug 2014
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This is what it says on Send Newsletter panel:
Send Newsletter
You have already sent an email in the last 7 days. You will next be able to send a newsletter: in 5 days

Still none received newsletter.

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Evie 14th Dec 2014

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Hello Hugin69,

Thank you for reporting this problem to us. After doing some further investigations, I have determined this is a confirmed bug in our system.

We take bug reports very seriously, we aim to fix all bugs within 7 days. However, sometimes they are fixed much sooner or later depending on the nature and complexity of the problem.

We understand the frustration bugs & glitches cause to our users. While we pay every possible attention to detail, unfortunately they occasionally slip through as in this case. For this reason if you spot anything else, it is very important you continue to send in reports for further investigation.

Thank you once again and thank you for your patience in getting this resolved.
Str8UpJack 15th Dec 2014

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OK.. I missed this when I searched for a post on this and posted about this myself.

There are an awful lot of bugs since the update... ughhh.. Maybe less ambitious updates that are tested more thoroughly are a better course of action in the future.

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Helmutson 21st Dec 2014

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any good news for us ?
Christmas is coming, it´s time for a good deed :-)
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JamesAdmin 22nd Dec 2014

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This has been fixed now and newsletters are being sent OK. My apologies for the delay on getting this one fixed.
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