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UKKorby 17th Sep 2014

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So, I've had a member post two blogs on our community website and there was no standard notification for this entry onto the website, I've checked and re-checked my activity feed, email's and asked a few other members about this also and but they too have had no standard notification.

I feel horrible because normally I (along with other members) like to respond when ever somebody makes a post, blog, comment etc as not to make the individual making the effort to post feel there a way to turn this on in the settings? (if so I can't find it)

Kind Regards
Evie 19th Sep 2014

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Hello Korby,

It should be appearing on your Activity feed.

I have tried adding a test blog and commenting and liking some post, it does show on your newsfeed.

You might also want to check your notification settings.

Please try to test if this is still the case on your end.


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