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AngryFist85 23rd Feb 2016

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Guys qeustion,

I have an automation = Condition = Number of Visits
Action award points,

What does this mean when we reached a number of For example 10 vieuwers a day u get awarded points?
or is there and option that One member is active and he connect to the website he get one point a day for being active??..
pls answer

Second qeustion is,

Can we Delete Points?
When do u guys change that so we can delete points when like for example When u give some one points, or some one did not come online this week on the website so we give him -20 points ....
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Arnulfo 24th Feb 2016

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Thank you again for posting your questions in here.

Automation/s runs everyday, it checks on the condition you have set on.

If the condition is Number of visits = 10, it checks on who among your members have visited your clan website 10 or more times.

Then it awards points to those members that have reached that certain condition.

Just a note, when a condition/automation has been applied to a member, that specific automation wont be applied to that same member again.

So if Person A has been applied with the Automation A, the next day, Automation A will not include Person A on checking anymore or awarding for that automation and so on.

With regards to the second question,

No, we don't have this feature yet but you can go to our Feature Voting List to vote for this feature to be implemented if it reaches a certain amount of vote.

Thank you again and have a nice day!

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

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