Ok this is annoying! [add your game popup]
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Mad-Chaos-One 26th Apr 2014

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Why am i getting that popup even when i am not loggid in and on every iclanwebsite website i visit?
Even if i do not have a account there?

Just make it so that this popups up after you login on a website please.

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fapclan 26th Apr 2014

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Well i think it is a nice feature for on peoples profiles but like i said in my openingspost, i do not understand why you have to get this popup everytime you gop to a iclanwebsites based website even if you do not have a profile on that site.
XSGamers 26th Apr 2014

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Yep, this has to go and should be an Option, not forced onto everyone tbh.

I've been inundated with messages about it already.
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