Only able to have account if a clan member
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ValkyrieMaxx 25th Jun 2015

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hi there, 

sorry if the title doesnt make sense i dont really know how to word this. 

what i am trying to do is

when someone signs up (creates account) i want them to have to join the clan by filling out the recruitment form and require my/admin approval before their account is created. 

is there a way i can do this or can anyone become a member of my website?

and is there a way to add a link to the recruitment form as a panel on the pages?
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admin 26th Jun 2015

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Under > Membership & Registration > Tick the box 'Member Approval - Approve member registrations before allowing them to login' > save.

From the same page if you scroll down you can also 'Force Recruitment Application: "Select Recruitment Form" When a member registers, force them to fill out this recruitment form'

I think these two options are what you want.

There are also panels you can add to display open or closed recruitment forms on your site as well. or just go to the specific recruitment url and post that wherever you want.
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