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xDosHxHomage 7th May 2015

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i think that whenever an admin changes anything, eg deletes a comment, changes ranking system, modifies rosters or any other administrative options the owner should at very least get an email notifying him or her of the admins changes. (this will prevent misuse of the admin power) "With great power, comes great responsibility"       we all know that some people just cant handle responsibility maturely.
thankfully i have the ability to test this out with my gf's profile. nothing i change on the website with her profile shows on mine. unless i look and see that something is changed there is no notification of it being changed. 

admin 7th May 2015

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Yeah being able to see a action/change log that records any changes someone with 'Admin Access' or 'Forum Moderator' makes would be great since there would be some accountability if for whatever reason someone did abuse it or mess something up.

Logging things like:
- Who created an Event / Tournament / Announcement / Newsletter
- Who edited a members settings (ranks etc).
- Who issued points / awards
- Who edited or deleted an existing post (applies to forum moderators too) + maybe an option to undo it?

I'd feel much more comfortable extending existing admin access to more permissions if there was an easy to view log.
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