Paid for voice server and its not working. FIXED!
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Kilo 2nd Jan 2016

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I know if you are like me after you payed for a voice server and it did not work you got a little frustrated. Turns out when you pay with Paypal using a bank account, it takes a few days before you payment is processed. To fix this go to you Paypal account and cancel your subscription. Log back in to your Iclan account and this time use the credit card function not Paypal. After I payed with my credit card for my 10 man Teamspeak server everything worked perfectly. I hope that helps some of you guys out there and saves you a little frustration.

JamesAdmin 3rd Jan 2016

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Sorry about that. If PayPal needs to make a bank transfer then it can take a few days for the funds to transfer as it is slow. If you have a credit card or a PayPal balance on PayPal then it is usually instant.

Anyway, thanks for your custom.
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