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Nucleardazza 2nd May 2015

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Everytime i try and move my panel layout's and save them they go back to where they was , do i need to upgrade from the basic free plan or is there a problem with it at the moment 
4CAD AdC 3rd May 2015

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Sorry - I can only say that changing the panel layout works fine on our (premium) site.

But just to be thorough... saving your new layout is a two-step process.
  1. Click 'Save' on the Panel Layout editor screen
  2. Click 'Save' again on the subsequent screen to lock it onto your 'Default' site layout.
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Nucleardazza 3rd May 2015

Joined: 15th Dec 2014
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There was a bug within the layout which has now been fixed
Teal'c 4th May 2015

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Is it completely fixed though?

Yes panels will now move to where thy are meant to be and stay there.

But applying that layout to select pages only it still applies to all pages.

The way I found around this was to edit the panel layout for each different page separately (very time consuming) from the Admin Panel > Pannel Layouts rather than changing it from the admin bar menu. 

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