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TiQ 18th May

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Here is one for the developer.
This is highly important since Google will reduce the ranking of web sites based on their performance evaluation, starting June 2018!

Would it be possible to optimize and minimize the static javascripts?

I had a look at them and to be honest, I'm the opposite of impressed.
Check out: http://static.iclanwebsit ... ripts/javascripts.js
It includes jQuery v1.8.3 and several add-ins, some minimized, some not, different sliders and then some self-coded iclan stuff that's also not minimized.

Then there are these other scripts loaded from static:
http://static.iclanwebsit ... /javascripts/menu.js
http://static.iclanwebsit ... pts/ouibounce.min.js
http://static.iclanwebsit ... 1.10.4.custom.min.js
http://static.iclanwebsit ... uery.lightbox-0.5.js

Why aren't they included in the javascripts.js and of course minimized?
There are also style sheets than can be combined and minimized.

This need some rework for a huge perfomance boost when rendering.
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