photos disappearing from member gallery
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Firebreak 20th Apr 2015

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Out of nowhere, all photos in the members gallery are gone. Also photos attached to forums are gone too. I am on a free account not sure if that helps. Could someone point me in the right direction.

Thank You
4CAD AdC 21st Apr 2015

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Yep - all the existing photo attachments disappeared out of our 4CAD forums too (we don't have a gallery but are a premium account).

Commented on in support ticket #7883.
Last Edit: 21st Apr 2015 by 4CAD AdC
Evie 22nd Apr 2015

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Thank you for reporting this to us.

This has been flagged as a bug and is now in our bug reports queue and worked on by our developer.

We appreciate your patience on getting this resolved.

Thank you.
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