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UNKOWN 16th Sep 2013

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Hey guys! im looking for some photoshop wizard that would be able to help me create a clan header for my Call of Duty xbox 360 gaming community.  Our name is Secret Mafia Gaming.  our Logo is "Making Gaming Sexy."  If you are interested in helping me in this adventure i would like to be part of the design in someway..  i have already started working on it somewhat. i cannot attach my current work on it because its a psd file.. but if you guys are interested i can find a way to share it with you.  PM me or get ahold of me on xbox (gamertag:TMG UNKOWN)  you can also contact me via my website. ( i am UNKOWN.  Hope i can find some help(:

1200x120ish.. (the same dimensions of the default "themebuilder header".)

Im looking for something along the lines of...

     S ecret                                                                                                      "Making
     M afia                         (background picture of call of duty game action)               Gaming
     G aming                                                                                                               Sexy..."

Gaming (SMG part should be fancy lettering) (i want a very vibrant purple[i couldn't find one that looked right in this menu])

      Sexy... (the M, G, and S should be in the same fancy lettering as SMG but lettering shouldn't be purple)

i dont know what else.


Websites ive made:

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