Post a vid, posts dissappear.
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JamesAdmin 12th Jan 2014

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Thanks for reporting. I am finding it hard to reproduce this problem. Do you have before/after screenshots, or exact instructions that lead to this problem every time?
X-Ployt 16th Jan 2014

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You can delete this thread, as I'm finding out there's more to it. My "Co-admin" seems to know a little bit more about the situation behind the issue, and the issue might stem from another problem, which might have a correlation to posts made by users on a private board which oddly enough I can see, even though I'm not assigned to the rank that would allow me to view it.

If I can, when I find out what it is, I will let you know. Right now, it doesn't seem to be what I described, as I believe now, what seemed to happen like clockwork on the activity feed, was done at will by particular users exploiting some bug.

Edit: From what I was told so far by the other admin, they would make a post in their private forum, logout, and everyone but them would have posts disappear from the feed.

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