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The Art of Gaming 11th May 2015

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Hello everyone!

I've received a newsletter from a community here I've never heard from before. Went to their website to see I've register there and I for sure never did. Second odd thing was receiving question from admin on other site how did I become member without being approved. Went there and I can log in on the website without a problem and without even registering there in the first place.

I've also noticed my website is a member of their community. I am sure my website never registered anywhere on its own.

Second problem is all of the sudden I have members that never applied on my website with post numbers that are not on my website.

In any case, how can I stop becoming member of random communities? I really don't want to receive tons of newsletters and notifications from people or clans I've never heard from. Also, my guess is that people can join my website in the same manner and look around even though they should first register, but considering they automatically register how do I make it stop.

Thank you all for your info.
4CAD AdC 12th May 2015

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Your first step should be to make sure your settings do have member registration only with approval turned on.  That's in "Admin Panel->Main Settings->Membership & Registration" - the 'Member Approval' box should be checked.

If it is... and people from that other site can actually access yours at will, then Iclans has another bug on their hands and you should submit a Support Ticket. But you need to verify there really is a problem first.
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Evie 12th May 2015

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Hi there,

If you're going to My Center > edit profile > privacy settings >>>> you can see the different communities that you're a member of.

You can then go to main settings > miscellaneous > untick newsletters.

Enjoy the site!
The Art of Gaming 12th May 2015

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I know that and to become a member on our site you need to be added as member. So no one is supposed to pop out as member.

Second of all, the problem, Evie is that I am becoming a member of the sites I've never even visited. Yesterday there were three different sites there that I've heard, well yesterday about when they appeared there.

Also, I could log in to those sites without ever registering there with my own password and look around. Didn't want to mess things for them, but I am sure I had too much permissions for someone not ever registering there and for sure I've never applied for newsletter from them in the first place.

By the way, I am no longer a member on those sites, I guess they deleted me from a member list.
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