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CandyKorn78 25th Apr 2015

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Hello all I have run into a little bit of a problem with posting or I should say putting text into like one of the top menu things like the about us I cant find a way to post my own text in there could I have some help? thanks!
Simo 25th Apr 2015

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4CAD AdC 25th Apr 2015

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I think what you're asking is how to put a new entry in the main menu bar that says 'About Us', which will then display a page that you've put a description  of your clan in?

It'd be easier to put that info in the Welcome Message you can define in:
'Admin Panel->Admin Panel->Main Settings->Welcome Message' which is automatically displayed on the home page top center panel.

You can go the menu item 'About Us' route - but it means defining a custom webpage (Admin Panel->Content->Web Pages) with the info you want and then adding a new menu entry to point to it (Admin Panel->Content->Edit Menu' ).

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