Removing fields from profile page.
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Rudomeister 14th Feb 2015

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Hello everyone!

This time I bring about the profile page that everyone has that has been registered.

How is it possible to remove some fields from the left border, like win / loss stats, and some other things.

Our community is based on Minecraft, and dont need win / loss, and matches feature right yet.

Best thing would be for us to find a way to just remove the fields, but I cant find a way to do it.

Someone found a solution to this? Would be very helpfull sharing it here.
Simo 15th Feb 2015

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im not sure how to do it for everyone at once but to remove it from your own profile, open your profile, click edit profile, click panels, move win/loss panel to the unused side, save profile. ... P.jpg

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L.S.R 16th Feb 2015

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Hi rudo

To add or remove panels you will will have to go into the admin section then scroll down to find /panels/ you will then be presented with all the panels that are shown on your site. hover over any panel and you will see an /edit/ option come up, Click this and you will see more options for that panel. Delete/Show or not too etc.

This apply's to all the panels and there are a few to add from the list or take away. it is up to you how you wish to customize and who see them through permisions.

Hope this helps & Good luck
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