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Jeronix 19th Aug 2013

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Hey Guys,

Once again i am back on these forums now the past hetic month is over.

Retro Community has recently opened a TTT Server.

Those who are familiar with the game will know how fun it can be but for those of you don't; heres a quick break down of how it works.

TTT is an inbuilt game mode for GarrysMod. A normal round entails for example 16 players; 4 traitors, 2 detectives and 10 innocents.

During this round the 4 traitors need to eliminate the other 12 players; it is the detectives job to discover and eliminate said traitors. The only problem is its similar to Cluedo; you need evidence and clues before you can start dropping people.

Its very much a pick up and play game which doesn't take long to learn.


The above link is a break down of our rules for those who are familiar.



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