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Garman91 1st Aug 2015

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Can I disable guest access to my site, forcing users to register, but edit the site they see telling them they must register?

Possible workaround: Can I allow guest access only to one welcome screen and limit the rest of my site to registered users but change registered users default page to one different than the guest default page?

I would like the guest welcome page to be about my gaming clan and information about how to join with no panel visibility. Then once they join I would like the registered members to default to the members main page containing clan relevant news, information and other panels.


Evie 3rd Aug 2015

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Hi there,

Yes, if you make your site private, that is admin panel > menu > settings > main settings > membership & registration > guest access. They will be prompted to register to be able to see more of your site.

Change your pages accèss on admin panel > menu > content > edit menu

Welcome screen, new, home page could be chosen on admin panel > menu > settings > main settings

Enjoy your site!

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