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bomba 1st Nov 2014

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hi just wondering how i can shut down my website asap, this has nothing to do with iclan websites they have provided a great service to me and would highly recommend them to anyone starting a clan and needing a website, i am no longer gaming  anymore and no one in the clan wish's to take it over so i have no choice but to shut it down, if someone could tell me how to do this i would appreciate it or if it can be  done from your end, i have cancelled my subscription but would like the site to be shut down sooner. thanks very much for the great service i received over the years and if i ever start gaming again and need a website i will be back, thanks very much
Evie 2nd Nov 2014

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Hi bomba,

We hate to see you go.

It is very easy to close down your website.

Login to your website as the website owner and go to your admin panel. Click Settings > Main Settings > Archive Website and follow the instructions.

This will fully disable everything, no one will be able to access your website. If at any time you wish to come back or change your mind, you can contact us and we can reactivate the website for you.
fapclan 4th Nov 2014

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What games do you guys play?
We can always use new members if your guys need a ew home
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