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Tomkatz01 27th Dec 2014

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Is there a way to increase the signature image size? As in upping the max size my sight will allow?

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From the Desk Of, Secretary Of Defense TomKatz01

admin 28th Dec 2014

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This sort of does what you are asking
Go to: and add:
Quote.signature_container img { width:100%!important;max-width:695px!important; }
.signature_container {width:100%!important; }

It forces the signature to be full width of your forum - works best if you only have a single banner style image in the signature. You can add a max-height to limit the height of people signatures. Though they need a to have a similar aspect ratio or their signature image will look a bit funny! So in your case your small five star general square image would fail (unless you made a image that was the correct aspect ratio with it in). 
This one also limits the signature image height (change it to whatever you like):
Quote.signature_container img {width:100%!important;max-width:695px!important;max-height:150px;}
.signature_container {width:100%!important; }
This worked on your site for me so hope it helps solve your question.
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