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The CLAN Clan 12th Feb 2013

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Please disregard my previous post. I was being paranoid about not getting an activation email. I would like to ask now, how can I, if it is possible, to delete the default smilies? They are getting in the way of some of the custom ones I would like to add. I wanted to add the "OKAY" Rage Face as a smiley under the code : okay : but it ends up looking like this


Any ideas/help? All is appreciated! ... t
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JamesAdmin 12th Feb 2013

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Several people have requested this. It's not possible now but it only makes sense to be able to disable smileys...
MooTactics 12th Feb 2013

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Actually I have ran a website where you could replace every smiley image with one of your own and you could even create new ones ( by entering code on one box, then the image url on the right side ) ex [ ^.^ ] [url here] could come out with a smiling chibi image

I think its a good idea to make them replaceable/delete-able to help make the forums as interesting as possible
Plus something in the profile that you can check off to disable smileys when that users makes a post
like lets say If I don't want smiley faces to show up in any of my posts that the website uses, i could just check a box in my edit profile and BAM, done! now they don't show up anymore. I have seen that before as well!

So lets say i wanted to replace the originals with these, it would replace them with something more accustomed to my own taste giving the maximum customization that you can offer! (check spoiler)

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fapclan 28th Apr 2014

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To bring up a old post, is the enable/disable smilies feature working correctly allready?
I just unticked the enable smilies since i uploaded my own custom smilies but the default ones still show up in the smiley dropdown.
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