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ouroborossparta 15th Oct 2015

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Hey there,

So I have been a paid member for all of about 8 -10 hours and I have already found that you guys are only at 80% of servicing our clan's needs. Yes, each user's needs are different than the next, however, please, please take into consideration the following bits of feedback and give me what I need. The reason I went with iClan was because while you guys are close to what I need, the others out there are not even in the ballpark. At least that I could find.

1) ADD the game: SPARTA: (War of Empires). This game is not supported by you and therefore, we are missing out on important content therein. 
2) Add an avatar pack for our members to choose from. Why this feature isn't even offered in your paid plans is BEYOND me! This would be one of the first things I would create in terms of content for my customers.Our members complain about this all the time!!!
3) I do not have automated battle reports (related to you guys not supporting our game of choice)
4) The paid TeamSpeak feature is underplayed on your content for display. I have to use a third party service to even be able to place info about our paid server on our home page or throughout our site. Again, play up what I pay for! I want others to know that I pay good $$$  lol
5) The paid themes are VERY WEAK/ugly. You guys are not cheap; can't you afford to provide us with better web design??? This was shocking to our members.
6) A lack of content and plugins to my liking.

That all being said; I am not ll about slapping people over the head and complaining. You wanted honest feedback. You guys DO offer a ton of great services and for that I am grateful. You guys almost got it down for us....just some fine tuning and you guys could be a cut above the rest. I want to be running an awesome site that I can say to people...try iClan. They're gonna have all you need. Or, if you can't provide these things I have listed; please list the things you cannot offer so that customers can make a better decision when trying to decide on purchase or not.

I hope you guys read this and take it as face value...I am not trying to dog iClan out...just want you guys to be the best!

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Evie 19th Oct 2015

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Thank you for your feedback which is highly appreciated.

1. SPARTA game has been added to our database. If there's more games you want added, please feel free to send us a ticket.

2. This has been added to our feature request list. This will be considered on our next development.

3. As of the moment, we have just Wow and Battlefield stats. We will add this to our feature request list.

4. Even if you are getting T3 from another provider than us, you can always integrate that to our website by going to your admin panel > menu > settings > voice server and edit - then add your voice server details.

5. We always welcome suggestion and feedback. We also accept them requests.

6. Any plugin not yet supported maybe available on our next development. We will definitely assess and consider all your thoughts.

Thank you for taking the time.


ouroborossparta 20th Oct 2015

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Thanks for the response.

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UKKorby 25th Oct 2015

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You have made some important points, If I may be so bold as to agree with your assessment on the themes issue although I do have some considerations I'd like to respectfully add.

Sadly iClan could do alot better in regards to providing us with beautiful themes such as the ones you may get free with WordPress and other CMS's (Content Management Systems) or Bootstrap however themes provided by iClan in comparison to other competition that provide a similar gaming guild/clan/community type service you'll quickly notice iClan does come out on my opinion (I've done a few days of research into this).

As much as we would all probably love gorgeous responsive themes with amazing CSS effects (Premium members can add custom CSS to their website) to woo the user into submission let's remember that creating themes has it's complications, one cannot simply magic up a brand new theme in a split second so let's be realistic here.

Designing and the creation of themes require both time and cost.  

There is nothing wrong from stopping you choosing a theme and modifying certain elements using GIMP or as I prefer Photoshop, I've done this to my website and I'm somewhat happy with the results.

I'm not sure if iClan themselves have the resources at the moment to create some new themes for us, although there is nothing stopping them (apart from pride) from asking the wider community for help, maybe a little theme building competition to get folk engaged - wink wink nudge nudge.

...but in reality we can't expect everything, new themes would be freakin fantastic though.

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Teddy 19th Nov 2015

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Very interesting and straight forward feedback from you there Mr. Ouroboros!

About the design / themes - I'd agree with you as well as Pete (by the way, very nice looking website you have there; we had a bit of effort put into ours aswell and it turned out nice).
iClan in terms of design is definitely on par with or better than most other providers who offer clan/guild-specific services. But it could always be better, and it doesn't look as good as what WordPress offers. Forums looked like this since I started managing my community, which was more than 6 years ago.

So I'd like to add my request to this:
Make some more horizontal designs. Forum layouts have always been top2bottom designs, because that's how the posts are sorted. All themes we can choose from are designed for an overall forum width of 1200px. But the thing is that most screens now have a width of between 1300 - 1920px.
All websites which strike us as modern-looking mostly have a "borader" design - apart from other factors such as simplistic, well made solid-colour designs.
Please put this on your request list. Make some really neat, clean, wide designs for us. This will really set you apart from any clan-focussed service I've seen so far.

Same rules apply.

tristania 17th Mar 2016

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So far, I have not been able to do anything with basic membership. Everthing is blocked by upgrade windows. This is a complete scam.
tristania 17th Mar 2016

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I would be glad to upgrade IF there is value there. So far, the basic membership has been worthless. When I try to change anything in basic, all I get is a window to upgrade and pay. Free basic is totally worthless. Will not upgrade unless I think this site has something to give, which so far it doesn't.
Arnulfo 19th Mar 2016

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Hello there Tristania,

Can you tell us specifically on what is your problem so that we could help you out?

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

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