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Doc (Estrong1) 5th Sep 2016

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Hello, our clan domain is now correctly setup with our iClan site.  However, I am unable to setup and sub-domains to redirect to any external sites without an ip address.  For example i would like the sub-domain to redirect to a form we have setup through Google forms.  Before switching over to your name servers I was able to do this fine with the site I purchased the domain from, but now that I am on the iClan name servers it is not working.

Another example would be linking to the discord invite.

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Arnulfo 6th Sep 2016

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Hello there,

We are very sorry but it is not possible to redirect your domain to another kind of domain unless the domain is from iClan Websites itself still.

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

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RobotBuilder205 6th Sep 2016

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