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pHuK 3rd Nov 2014

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My story so far is as follows.

Basically early hours Sunday morning I decided to upgrade my website to Premium plus and also ticked the box for Teamspeak Server in which I paid £15.95 in total. After sorting out website i decided to try and set up a Teamspeak server which I didnt manage because it kept coming up with - 
  • Couldn't create a server. Please contact support.

So I contacted support only to be told that I never purchased it in the first place. I then responded and said that I did which was later confirmed by iClan Websites. They then said they would escalate it to a senior member of staff. 

I have now sent numerous support tickets asking for an update which I Am still awaiting a response from. It has now been 2 days without a Teamspeak server. If only they would contact me and say its being dealt with....Just an update that is all i ask instead of leaving me hanging.

Any advise please?

Evie 4th Nov 2014

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Hello Phuk,

I have merged and escalated your tickets. Please check your mail.

Please note aside from getting this resolved we also strive to investigate the cause so we can prevent this again from happening.

We appreciate your patience on getting this resolved.

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