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Machine96 7th May 2015

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I was looking through the "Click" logs to review where people were spending their time. I found some guest accounts were attempting to gain access to the WordPress admin. see the example below.

7th May 9:49 AM Guest /wp-admin/

IP addresses which attempted access:

1) Do you use wordpress?
2) Have others reported similar incidents?
3) Do I need to be concerned with any type of security breach on our website?

I have every confidence that your sites are secure, but I wanted to bring it to your attention in case you needed to investigate further.


~ Machine96#1814 ~

JamesAdmin 7th May 2015

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Yeah they are likely just bots crawling the web thinking your site runs on wordpress and trying to break into it. So long as you have a strong password you should be ok. After a few password attempts a captcha is required to block out the bots and brute forcing attacks.
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