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UKKorby 1st Jun 2015

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Hi folks,

I was wondering if somebody can explain to me how tagging works, I saw somebody the other day on this website tag a user and was curious on how to do it and if there are limitations on tagging i.e posting status update.

Any help would be appreciated.
Str8UpJack 7th Sep 2015

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You need to use the advanced editor screen when composing a forum post.  Right after the BULLETS tools and just before the MEDIA tools you will see the CODE, QUOTE and TAG USER tools, grouped together.  Click the TAG USER tool and start typing in the name.  It will insert a link that is supposed to notify the user they have been tagged...

@Evie ... Can you confirm this feature is working?  I sent in a ticket about this because we aren't seeing notifications when we tag our members in a post. 

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UKKorby 7th Sep 2015

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Thanks for your help mate I really appreciate this, apologies for not replying sooner I was working.

Evie 12th Sep 2015

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Tagging definitely works. Please message me back if otherwise.

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