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Voidedscapegoat 25th Jul 2013

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Unfortunately, my computer got a virus and had to be wiped out. Now I am no longer admin. Is there a way to reset my master key for my server?
Jeronix 26th Jul 2013

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I would advise opening a support ticket as this may be actioned quicker that way.

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Simo 26th Jul 2013

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you just need to retrieve your privilege key which is a long string of random numbers and letters, you should be able to see this in the admin area of your website if you get your teamspeak server via iclan or in the control panel of whoever you get your teamspeak from.
Simo 26th Jul 2013

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or if your have another admin for your teamspeak just get them to add you back into the admin group, get them to right click your name > set server group > admin.
JamesAdmin 26th Jul 2013

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Open a support ticket!
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