This is friggin unbelievable.. News post/email
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Str8UpJack 2nd Mar 2015

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Are not working again.. Seriously.. how many times has this feature broken??  I am sick and tired of finding out that this feature is broken.  If I could get a refund we would hightail it out of here and set up our own website far away from a service that likes to mess with their code as much as you do.  I'm trying to be respectful here but it's really laughable how bad iClanwebsites reliability is. 

If you didn't guess, here is my problem.. Sent out two news posts today, both were set to notify all members via email but nobody got an email.. sigh.  I don't know what to do anymore with you guys.  

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JamesAdmin 3rd Mar 2015

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Hey, everything is working fine, myself and another developer just tested. Few things that can stop emails being sent:

1) Make sure you select the send email option when creating a news post.
2) If it is scheduled in the future, emails will not be sent until it has been posted.
3) Emails are only sent ones it has actually been posted, i.e. viewed for the first time.
4) Members can disable the news post notification in their profile.
5) Members can also report emails from us as spam, in that case they are blocked from all emails. They'll need to open a ticket each with us so we can remove them from the block list.

Can you please check again?
JamesAdmin 3rd Mar 2015

Joined: 27th Mar 2009
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There was a bug which prevented email notifications being sent out only when you specified ranks for the news post. Fix has now been deployed.
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