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DeadRaider37 4th Feb 2021

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I'm a long time user of iClan Websites, and hopped on today to find all my sites were "Expired"

What does that even mean?

If this means we have to pay to have a site now, I will just leave all of iClan without hesitation.
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Tinwëtar 4th Feb 2021

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I am having the exact same issue. I've been using iClan for my guild's website for around 5 years now and suddenly it's expired? I have received no emails, no information, nothing about this very unexpected change. This is incredibly frustrating and infuriating.
Armyboy 5th Feb 2021

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I just got this message after contacting iClanwebsites owners :

Hi there,

I am sorry but we don't offer FREE Plan anymore.

​During the pandemic, iClan Websites cannot survive with Free plan users -- thus we have to revoke it and remove the Free Plan.

iClan Websites is a business and we have to keep up with the market and all the maintenance fees thus we have decided to change the pricing going forward this year.

If there is anything else, please do let us know!

Best regards,


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chivesgoat 8th Feb 2021

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No email or notification to warn us is not good enough. We should have had time to move elsewhere before this happened. Also, I set up a "test" site last night and all seemed fine using the free version. No way am I paying $15 a month. Why not just charge a small amount for the "free version"? 
_thedesertfox 14th Mar 2021

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20 bucks a month is not competitive with other website clan hosting like shivtr or Enjin there is no incentive to stay with iclan you can not survive without customers either. Your in business because you have clients not the other way around how about get your head out of your ass!

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