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Gaterz 29th Nov 2015

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In the NOTIFICATION SETTINGS  in my Profile,  I have "Someone fills out an Application" checkmarked.  However, when someone filled out an application, I wasn't notified.  Is this the application I made in the "recruitment forms?  That's what I want to notified of. 

Or how can I be made aware that there is a new message in the Applications thread in the forums because that's where the recruitment form answers are sent...

ᔕ૯८੮ 1st Dec 2015

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I'm not quite sure about notifications specifically for the recruitment form submissions, but on the top left of your site you should see 'Recruitment'.

[Admin]Arnulfo 15th Dec 2015

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I suggest you create a ticket so that we can further assist you on this.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

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