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Zak6858 30th Mar 2015

Joined: 1st Jan 2015
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I've noticed that in the communities im part of the top posters board has not been correct. For instance everyone over a certain number of posts disappeared in one. And the remaining were replaced by people with 1 or 2 posts. Ik its not too important but people want to stay on there as some have over a thousand posts
Evie 31st Mar 2015

Joined: 7th Aug 2014
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Hello Zak,

(1) users should set their primary community on My center > edit profile

Second, Top posters is dependent on number (1). For instance on my case, if I won't set up (1), I will be the Top poster on your community since I have over a thousand post.

Top poster should reflect the actual posts on the elected primary community and not the combined total post.
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