Trouble accessing my website/new domain name
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Changa 12th Apr 2014

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So, I purchased a domain name on and went through the procedure to change my iclanwebsite url to the GoDaddy url that was purchased. It told me to wait 24 hours for it to take effect. After 24 hours, the neither url was working properly. The iclanwebsite url was sending me to the GoDaddy url, however my website was no where to be found. If I went to the GoDaddy url, my website was also no where to be found, it was just left with a Godaddy page. I contacted GoDaddy and they looked into what the issue might have been. From their analysis they came to the conclusion that iclanwebsites was continously redirecting my website to them which caused the issue. I am currently unable to log into my iClanWebsites account to change this because whenever I click sign in, it goes straight to the GoDaddy page. Is there an Admin that can somehow fix this problem and return my website to normal?

The orginal website is
Wickedjdr 13th Apr 2014

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Sounds like you just routed it wrong! Contact support @ their email they should be able to help you sort it out.
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