TSviewer cannot update old regID
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Rudomeister 12th Sep 2015

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Hi there iClan society!

Situation is this:

We had TSviewer panel up and running for a while ago, untill something/someone deleted the TSviewer registration for our TS server. Im trying to connect the TSviewer to the website again on a new regID, but the window to register another server is just getting white, at clicking "Save".

My guess, since my memory from the last time I did this is faint. So the blank page is redirecting to tsviewer.com, and then its an option to correct to the present regID?

Anyways, the main problem here is that at "Panel Layout" at "Teamspeak 3 Status"  layout, inserting name, address, and everything else, pressing "Save", the box just go white, and no response.

It might be my computer that is crashing with script or something. But someone can look into this? or any other user can confirm this is a bug?

Link to the window where it freeze: http://www.domainname.inf ... ion=teamspeak3panel2

TeamSpeak 3 Status
ERRORREG ID 1058601 not foundThere is no registration for this REG ID on TSViewer.com


PS! Hope the above post makes any sense. Its really early here in Norway now. haha
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Evie 12th Sep 2015

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Thank you for your feedback.

I have gone ahead and forwarded this to our developers so they can work on a fix.

Please bear with us.
SocialKingdom 12th Sep 2015

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"Please bear with us."

Ok, I'll send a bear in the air-mail.

No problem! It's always a bug somewhere. Our community at the minecraftserver can confirm this...

EDIT: I mean on the Minecraftserver, not at the website.
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Evie 14th Sep 2015

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We appreciate your patience.

Thank you. We will get back to you the soonest.
Seph13 14th Sep 2015

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I have this same issue, same delay. The work around is imple, and takes less time than coming here and waiting for a developer to fix it... go to your TSVeiwer account and get the HTML code. It's a tab at the top and you can control it a bit more. Then just make your own panel, copy and paste. I book marked it and was trying different color settings, so now it takes no time at all to do.

Evie 15th Sep 2015

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Thanks Seph13 for sharing.

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