Two Problems, can't figure them out.
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Serenity ;3 19th Apr 2020

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Well to start, I added the nameservers to my domain and nothing happened.. so there's that. No confirmation emails or anything either.  I did exactly what this video suggested. ... amp;feature=emb_logo

Second thing, I have this incredibly annoying border on the bottom of my forum's page that is driving my crazy. Everytime I edit the page, it brings me back to the home page so I can't actually see if I'm making progress when I change up the settings.. ... 412040cfe8f777eefb6e

This link will show you that ^^^^

Please help me out this is kind of delaying my server's opening .-.

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Chris Petryshen 28th Apr 2020

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I two am having to domain problem its been 24hours and my domain is still not linked to my iclan site.
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