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Baseb312 21st Feb 2019

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I'm probably having a real hard time over something very easy. Ok so here's as easy as I can explain it. Regular home page. You have the forum link at top. I want the home page theme to be the same as the forum without a certain panel. In other words. Id like to have the home page have the slideshow go across it but not when you click forum at the top of the website. I've missed with the web pages, tried copying the html, ect. and get nothing. thats all i want, its all perfect. usually dont have this trouble but for some reason, cant figure it out. I have PREMIUM. Idk that matters as in my mind it shouldnt. Want the same theme to carry over just certain panels but cant edit the one panel without chaning it all. please help many thanks in advance
Forum » Community Forums » Help and Support
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