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Doc_Hop_Six 23rd Sep 2014

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Help Guys. My Website has been loading really slowly or not loading at all. See Attachment. This has been reported by multiple users across the US and Canada and has been witnessed myself. 

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Evie 24th Sep 2014

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Unfortunately, DDoS attacks are on the rise in the gaming scene. I'm sure you have experienced problems from game service providers at some time. It is a problem that affect us all.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to you and your group.

Thank you for your patience in getting this resolved.
JamesAdmin 24th Sep 2014

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This is currently being worked on. About the slowness, the average page loading time is about 0.7 seconds, but there are spikes at times of greater than 2 seconds, which might be the reason why you're noticing slowness sometimes. Sorry for the inconvenience here, hopefully this will be resolved in a few days time.
JamesAdmin 25th Sep 2014

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Updates have been made both yesterday and today to address the slowness problem. Please post again or open a ticket if you experience any further slowness. Thank you.
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