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4CAD AdC 17th Dec 2014

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Using one of the World of Tanks themes (with some minor tweaking) and in the member profiles the Win/Loss counts say 0/0.  Checking the HTML, those numbers *seem* to be hard coded into the pages.

Of course what would be nice are actual Win/Loss counts, and possibly other statistics from the existing game stats tracker at

It also goes without saying that I have no idea how much of a development effort I'm asking for. =:-)

If this could be done with one of the custom HTML panels that Dawn referred to * here *, please point me towards an example of the HTML monitor code she talked about. Also, can custom HTML panels be used on a free account? (Sorry - I'm poor)
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4CAD AdC 29th Dec 2014

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I've done some semi-serious HTML and javascripting in the dim past but have forgotten 90% of what I ever knew.  Can someone provide an example or point me in the right direction to display an img URL in a panel or webpage that is based on their iclan username?

So obviously the image that's displayed will be different and specific to each user.  As you can probably guess... I'm trying to display the wotlabs signature image specific to each of my clan members.

I think I could figure out building the URL string and displaying the image if I knew how to extract their iclan username in javascript.
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Evie 30th Dec 2014

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Hi there,

Let me go ahead and create a ticket for you so we can address your concern in a more detailed way.

Enjoy the site!
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