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NSMetroid 12th Jun

Joined: 8th Mar
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Please fix our gallery page links and tournament page link.

It used to go to a separate page and was perfectly aligned with the theme. Now it displays a god awful iframe box with bad dimensions. seriously... wth?

http://www.teamabstrakt.c ... om/galleries

Have the gallery pages physical links. not this crappy javascript full screen display that looks like boom please.

Same with your tournament pages. They aren't displaying any other panel, doesn't have your site banner, and looks broken to high heavens.

http://www.teamabstrakt.c ... om/tournament/2511

[Admin]Arnulfo 19th Jun

Joined: 21st Sep 2015
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Hello there,

Just to confirm, you are still experiencing this issue today?

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

Customer Care

NSMetroid 17th Jul

Joined: 8th Mar
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Posts: 94
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Yes I am still experiencing this issue.

When you click the link we get a full screen view of the gallery, where you can't use the back button. you have to click the button. and ht looks terrible on certain resolutions. It's some silly javascript.

However, if you copy paste the link URL, you get what it should be, and just goes to the gallery with your website theme and isn't fullscreen.
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