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Beans 1709 29th Aug 2016

Joined: 21st Sep 2012
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1) As you can see it shows 0 in the rosters. i have people in them when you go into it but not in the index. (also what happened to the ability to just click on join for a roster, why do we have to make a recruitment form for it?)

2) It is showing 2 new messages in my inbox but i have read them all.

3)Setup wizard will not recognise that i have changed my website settings - more than once!! 

[Admin]Arnulfo 30th Aug 2016

Joined: 21st Sep 2015
Rank: Moderators
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Hello Beans,

I will look into this issue.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

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Forum » Bug Reports » Bug Reports
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